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October 5, 2004

Links for An American Family

Just a quick link to the PBS page on Lance Loud, who passed away in December 2001. Lance Loud was the "star" of one of the first reality TV shows, An American Family, (IMDB) and one of the first openly homosexual people to appear on TV.

Posted by chuck at October 5, 2004 12:32 AM

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That was a real blockbuster moment for US tv. I can still remember people talking about it...and it was like 30 years ago.

Posted by: Steve at October 5, 2004 4:45 AM

I'm too young to remember when it was first televised, and while surfing around IMDB last night, I couldn't find any VHS/DVD information, which is unbelievable. I'd imagine "An American Family" would sell pretty well, especially for academics interested in teaching the history of documentary/TV history, etc.

Yep, it will be 31 years this year.

Posted by: chuck at October 5, 2004 9:28 AM

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