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May 17, 2007

Still Blogging Elsewhere

Still having problems with Movable Type, so for now, I just wanted to point to a couple of posts on my temporary Tumblr blog. One post focuses on my interest in the recent controversy over Michael Moore's Sicko, specifically Moore's open letter to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson regarding the investigation into Moore taking 9/11 workers to Cuba for medical treatment. Of course the controversy will do nothing other than serve to further promote Moore's film.

Also worth noting: Two excellent posts at Dr. Mabuse on Julia Lesage's article on film blogging and social bookmarking. I'm working through some of these ideas for the book chapter I'm revising, so the discussion has been especially fruitful (and I'd encourage others to join in).

Also intrigued by the new documentary, Trailer Trash: A Film Journal, which apparently makes extensive use of home movies in relating a family drama. Comments still aren't working, but hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Posted by chuck at May 17, 2007 9:18 PM

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