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February 10, 2007

Media Miscellany

The big writing project I've been mentioning, a book chapter on the future of science-fiction television, is out of my hands, for a few days at least, so I'm gradually looking ahead to future projects and hoping to get back in the habit of a more consistent blogging schedule. I even got a chance to get out and experience Fayetteville's exciting nightlife for the first time in several weeks. My next project is my conference paper on SCMS, which will be focusing on the documentary, Unknown White Male, which I re-watched last night (and was pleased to discover was even better than I remembered). More on that project over the next few days, but I've been thinking about that paper for a while now.

What I really wanted to do this afternoon is to link to the videos I've been watching. Michael at Zigzigger tipped me off to the very cool and entertaining videoblog, 39 Second Single, about a thirty-something woman's dating experiences. The main character, Liza, has great presence and comic timing, making it one of the more interesting videoblogs I've seen in a while. Of course, the series also makes me miss living in a big city, but I'll ignore that for now.

Michael (and Clancy) also pointed me to the currently ubiquitous clip, Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us. Like Michael, I may show the clip in one of my classes, in my case my graduate course on Using Technology in the Language Arts Classroom (or I suppose I could just post it on the course blog).

Finally, Tim has a link to a YouTube clip taken from the documentary Zizek! The clip features an interview between the Slovenian philosopher and an evening news talking head who is quite clearly baffled by Zizek's arguments and even stumbles over the pronunciation of his name (to give him credit, the newscaster's comment that Jacques Lacan makes Freud "sound like a simple valley girl" is pretty funny).

In other news, I'm pleased and honored to mention that I've been invited to join a distinguished group of scholars on the MediaCommons editorial board. I've enjoyed watching MediaCommons develop over the last few months and am very excited about this news.

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