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July 2, 2006

Closed on Sundays

I've just learned that my former new favorite coffee house is closed on Sundays, which has left me feeling unnecessarily grumpy this afternoon. I still think the coffeehouse is a cool spot, but Sunday afternoons are usually when I'm most productive so I'm a little bummed that the place is closed. Add that to the fact that the local bank lists the temperature at 100 degrees and that I've had to join the ranks of car owners, and I'll admit that I'm going through a bit of culture shock today as I attempt to settle in here in F'ville.

That being said, I'm trying not to be too grumpy so I'l point to a couple of cool-looking North Carolina places and events and a new-to-me film blog that looks like a good read. Via the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, I've just learned that Margaret Sartor is giving a reading of Miss American Pie: A Diary of Love, Secrets, and Growing Up in the 1970s, which has been described as "a unique form of memoir written as a diary, evoking a teenage girl’s coming-of-age in the Deep South of the 1970s." The book is drawn from diaries that Sartor kept when she was a teenager and sounds like an interesting read. The reading will be held at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham, which looks like a great bookstore.

Also, the film blog, Lost in Negative Space, looks very interesting, and I'd say that even if the author, Peter Gelderblom, hadn't linked t my blog. Peter is the founder of 24LiesASecond, another website I really like. I'll try to return to a normal posting schedule soon, but until I'm able to get internet service at home, it looks like I'll be blogging and blog-surfing somewhat more infrequently than I would like.

Posted by chuck at July 2, 2006 5:02 PM

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Wow, you were fast to notice my blog--I hadn't even announced it officially until today!

Anyway, thanks for the plug, Chuck. And for your information: Jim Moran and me spent the day in Amsterdam yesterday. I told him you've been teaching his book. He was delighted to hear it and plans to contact you when he arrives back in LA.

Love your blog!

Posted by: Peet at July 3, 2006 5:39 PM

(Note: I've sent this comment before, but it doesn't show. Don't know what went wrong. Maybe I just hit Preview.)

Wow, you were fast to notice Lost in Negative Space. I hadn't even officially announced my blog yet on Sunday! Anyway, thanks for the plug, Chuck. You have a very interesting site yourself.

For your information: Jim Moran and me just spent a day together on his trip to Amsterdam. I told him you've been teaching his book and he was delighted to hear it. He'll probably get in contact with you when he returns to LA.

Posted by: Peet at July 4, 2006 5:39 AM

Peet, comments don't appear on the blog until I approve them, a feature I had to add because of comment spam. I'm working on another means for blocking comment spam, but with the move I haven't had time to install it.

By the way, I found your blog either via Site Meter or Technorati, one of the services that tracks links to my blog, and I mentioned it right away because I didn't want to lose track of the link.

Looking forward to hearing from Jim Moran. There's No Place Like Home Video is a terrific book, and I very much enjoyed teaching it.

Posted by: Chuck at July 4, 2006 4:39 PM

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