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March 19, 2006

IndieLoop and Other Connections

I've really enjoyed watching the apparently tireless Sujewa's Indie Features 06 blog grow over the last few weeks, and I hope the blog loses the "06" and continues to grow over the long haul. I discovered the blog through Sujewa, of course, but several filmmakers I know, whether through blogging, IRL, or through their films, are contributing, and it's nice to see that film community evolve (and it even makes me wish I had a movie to promote).

I've also enjoyed discovering new films and filmmakers through the blog, including Joe Swanberg's LOL-The Movie, which looks like a fun movie (and in classic indie form, LOL not only has a blog but a MySpace page, too (and Karina's review of the film also sounds promising). I'm also curious to see Kat Candler and Stacie Storie's Jumping Off Bridges, which has been getting some good buzz recently after a SXSW screening.

I mention Indie Features 06 in part because I'm intrigued by indieWIRE's recent introduction of indieLOOP a social networking space for filmmakers and other members of the independent film and media community. I'm still exploring the place (you can check out my profile if you're really curious), but once again Karina scooped me on this news.

Update: By the way, I got an incomplete invite from indieLOOP the other day, so if you sent me an invite and I'm not reciprocating, that's probably why. If you'd like to join indieLOOP and haven't been invited email or leave a comment, and I'll be happy to invite you.

Posted by chuck at March 19, 2006 8:37 PM

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