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February 25, 2006

Plan Nine from MySpace

Susan Carpenter has an interesting article in the LA Times on David Lehre's My Space: The Movie, a new short video satirizing the popular social networking website. Lehre's film is rapidly gaining a wide audience on the internet. In fact, in less than a month, the video, which is available for download at YouTube.com (just search for "My Space"), has already been viewed an estimated 3.3 million times.

My Space: The Movie gently parodies many of the familiar features of the website, including the narcissistic photographs and the "angles," the practice of taking self-pictures from flattering angles in order to appear more sexually attractive. I've had some problems viewing the entire film (due to downloading problems), but it looks like a fun little video and, more significantly, fits the online video medium quite well.

Lehre, who is a 21-year old self-taught filmmaker, has been able to translate his success into a development deal with MTVU, has already managed perhaps one of the biggest compliment a filmmaker can receieve: My Space: The Movie has already spawned several parodies and imitations.

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