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August 9, 2004

Primary Run-Off Elections: Don't Forget to Vote!

Tomorrow is the day for primary run-off elections in Georgia. Several important races, including the run-off election to determine which Democrat will run to replace "Zig-Zag" Zell Miller. And, as Tim's recent post on Blog for Democracy illustrates, your vote can make a difference, even in Georgia.

Speaking of the Democratic primary, I'm endorsing Denise Majette over "Criss-Cross" Cliff Oxford, who has stated (according to Jen) that he will vote for SR 595, which would add an amendment to the Georgia Constitution banning gay marriage.

If you haven't already registered to vote, you won't be able to vote in the run-off, of course, but there are still several weeks left to register before the election day in November. Like George and Jason, I've included a link in my sidebar to one website where you can register to vote quickly and easily.

Update: I'd also add a quick show of support for Debra Bernes who is in a "non-partisan" run-off for the Georgia Court of Appeals. She sounds like a great candidate. Meanwhile, her opponent Mike Sheffield is under the mistaken assumption that conservative judges ("standing up for traditional Georgia values," by which I believe he means that he is "a church-going family man with children who believes in traditional marriage between a husband and wife") are not activist judges.

Progressive Georgians successfully supported Judge Leah Sears against a conservative judge. Let's win another one.

Update 2: Due to probelms with some absentee ballots, the Court of Appeals election mentioned above has been postponed. I forgot to vote this morning, but just called and Dekalb County precincts are open until 7 PM (I'm not sure about other Georgia counties).

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