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June 6, 2004

The Tumultuous Fifties

Emory University's Michael C. Carlos Museum will be hosting a special exhibition, "The Tumultuous Fifties: A View from The New York Times Photo Archives." The exhibition features nearly 200 photographs from the Times. Because this link isn't permanent here's the overview of the exhibit:

The exhibition documents a decade notorious for its conformity and complacency but also distinguished for significant transformations in the cultural landscape, from McCarthyism, space travel, and civil rights to post-Bebop, Abstract Expressionism, and Beat poetry. Visually compelling as works of art, the photrographs demonstrate the power images have in shaping our understanding of post-war America.
The exhibit also includes 1950s photographs of Atlanta borrowed from Georgia State University and a display of the manuscript for Jack Kerouac's On the Road. I'll be interested to see how the exhibit organizes these images of the fifties, to see to what extent it challenges traditional narratives of that decade. The exhibit opens June 12 and runs through August 8.

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