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May 12, 2004

Local Political Blogs

After attending the MeetUp last night in Decatur (at Ashton's, a coffeehouse/ice cream parlor/restaurant I'll be visiting more often), I'm going to try to start following some of these local political blogs.

One of the reasons I often feel disconnected from politics is the fact that I don't know much about local candidates, and it appears that bothe of these blogs can provide me with some more useful information.

The consensus of our meeting is that there is a lot of work to be done, but people were volunteering to write letters to the AJC, to register new voters, and to provide people with rides to their voting centers. It was also cool that one of the Demcoratic candidates for Dekalb County CEO, Doug Teper (currently in the Georgia House), stopped by to chat (and listen) for about half an hour.

Posted by chuck at May 12, 2004 1:16 PM

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from the roots is crap
and cliff oxford is a wife beater

Posted by: shan at May 12, 2004 2:50 PM

I'm not likely to vote for Oxford in the first place, but I hadn't heard those charges. If you have links to any articles on that, I'd appreciate it.

Why don't you like "From the Roots?"

Posted by: chuck at May 12, 2004 3:48 PM

Quick additional note: I'm still watching how things play out between Squires and Majette. I'm not a big fan of Majette, but I know she'll generally tow the Democratic line, which is pretty much all I hope for right now. I need to research the candidates before making any decisions, though.

Posted by: chuck at May 12, 2004 3:53 PM

Ex-wife backs bid for U.S. Senate
Divorce file almost kept Oxford out of race

Staff Date: May 7, 2004 Publication: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA) Page Number: C1 Word Count: 842

Two years ago, Caryn Oxford told a Cobb County judge in writing that her husband spat at her, slapped her and backed her into corners. That he was "cruel, selfish, hostile, arrogant and controlling." That he was unfaithful.

But Thursday, sitting next to her now ex-husband, she said Cliff Oxford would make a heck of a U.S. senator. She tipped the scales in his decision to run, and will vote for him in July.

"I think he's a good man," said Caryn

Posted by: shan at May 12, 2004 3:54 PM

you should check out
James Finkelstein for U.S. Senate

Posted by: shan at May 12, 2004 3:56 PM

from the roots is only oxford, squires, and majette.
finkelstein please.
thank you.

Posted by: shan at May 12, 2004 4:02 PM

Mary Squires has a great grass roots campaign movement and is creating a lot of interest with her NASCAR promotion. I'm voting for her.

Look at www.marysquires.us

Posted by: Jrow at May 18, 2004 2:26 PM

Yes, I like her campaign site quite a bit--it's well organized and communicates much about Squires' personality and pedigree through her biography (her experience in the military, etc).

I'd noticed the NASCAR campaign (are NASCAR dads still the hip new swing vote?), but forgot to mention it simply because I'm not a NASCAR fan. Still, it's an interesting and innovative approach to campaigning.

Posted by: chuck at May 18, 2004 2:53 PM

Dear Political aficionados: I was surfing looking for articles about my campaign and came across this one on a Yahoo! search. To those reading this: I had an opportunity to meet with Mary Squires, Leigh Baier, Cliff Oxford, and Denise Majette this week. They are all quality people, and I'm sure any one of them would do an excellent job if elected. On the issues I care deeply about that are highly relevant to the Constitutional role of the Senate- taking our nation to war, approving Presidential nominations to judicial offices and cabinet members, etc.- any one of them would be preferable to any Republican who, because of party discipline, would most likely end up voting against his conscience. Sorry to be so long winded- but I want to raise the level of discourse, get away from personalities, and focus on issues that will actually matter to real human beings after the next senator from Georgia is sworn in on January 2, 2005. My #1 issue is to BRING THE TROOPS HOME SAFE from Iraq within 6 months. If you want to know why I'm doing this or more about my platform, check out www.finkelstein4senate.org

Jim Finkelstein

Posted by: James Finkelstein at May 22, 2004 10:32 PM

Thanks for stopping by, and I really appreciate your taking the time to comment. No need to worry about being long-winded. I fully agree that any of the Democratic candidates would be preferable at this point for all of the reasons you describe (party discipline, etc). I think part of the speculation here (at least in my case) has been based on who might be most electable in a statewide race, but to me, the most important goal is seeing the Democratic Party win the Georgia Senate seat.

Posted by: chuck at May 23, 2004 12:16 AM

Don't believe the crap about Oxford. Personal attacks about him have been started by the Republicans. His divorce is irrelevant to the campaign. Focus on what matters--winning the election!

Posted by: Mike Bain at May 25, 2004 12:06 PM

“The Democratic Nomination for the United States Senate is
For Sale”
Leigh Baier, a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Zell Miller, has called on Georgia Democrats not to sell the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate for Georgia to the highest bidder. Baier argues that the Democratic Party of Georgia is at a historical crossroad to redefine the Democratic Party and empower a new generation of voters. “This opportunity will be squandered, if the voters elect only those candidates who are wealthy and can self fund their own campaigns. Wealthy individuals sitting around the country club with nothing else to do but use their vast wealth to feed their egos do not necessarily provide the strongest candidates that are able to attract voters and energize the Party.” Because it appears that this is occurring in the Democratic race for the United States Senate for Georgia, Baier has filed an amended Declaration of Intention to Expend Personal Funds with the F.E.C., which will allow all the Democratic candidates to compete more fairly with the multi-millionaire self -funding candidate, Cliff Oxford.


Posted by: Leigh Baier at May 31, 2004 1:07 PM

Check out Leigh Baier, Democratic candidate for the United States Senate at: http://www.baiersenate.com/

Posted by: Leigh Baier at May 31, 2004 1:13 PM

www.finkelstein4senate.org - thats where the revolution starts!

Posted by: roger at June 2, 2004 5:29 PM

Just did some more digging, and I think that most of the Oxford supporters are right about the attacks on his character. Oxford addressed some of these concerns at a Creative Loafing-sponsored "Political Party" event a few weeks ago. The link is temporary, so I'll go ahead and copy it here:

When the floor was opened for questions, a young man in the back of the theater shot from his seat and read a question to Oxford: "You admitted in an AJC article to slapping and spitting your ex-wife. Do you think that behavior makes you worthy of being a U.S. senator?"

The man's description of an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article on Oxford's 2003 divorce from Caryn Oxford was false. After Edelstein asked him to identify himself, the man would only say that he was "Brandon from Gwinnett."

He claimed to be a Democrat, but workers from other Senate campaigns - Republican and Democrat - have been attending the Political Party to do research on prospective opponents. And even before Cliff Oxford entered the case Republican political operatives had been distributing copies of the divorce to reporters.

Oxford asked Brandon to step down from the audience. Once he was face-to-face with his questioner, the candidate wagged his finger and said: "You just told a fib. I'm ashamed of you. I've never hit anyone since the third grade. I know what you're doing here -- you're a plant. That's fair, but you don't have to lie about it. I'm not perfect, but I'm not running to be a perfect servant, I'm running for public servant."

Court records show that Caryn Oxford claimed physical abuse and that Cliff Oxford denied it in divorce case that also involved how to split ownership of STI Knowledge, the multimillion-dollar company the couple founded in 1995.

Caryn Oxford now is supporting her ex-husband's campaign, and both say they are now friends. While the two have refused to rehash details of the divorce, she last week told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "I'm sure there are many things from that time that Cliff and I could take back if we could."

Posted by: chuck at June 5, 2004 11:06 PM

Caryn has not retracted her divorce filing statements or asserted that they were false. She has only changed the public tune. Placing false statements in a divorce filing would subject you to a charge of perjury, something I am sure her lawyer would have advised against. Cliff Oxford has not had time to do the personal work to rehabilitate himself. I was at Dad's Garage that night, and Oxford's behavior sent chills down my spine.

I *thought* that I was over the effects of my last abusive relationship about a year after it ended - even found myself defending my ex... big mistake - he has abused at least two subsequent women (one he married, one got wide sooner...).

It takes YEARS to put abusive relationships into perspective, and a man who is a control freak takes a long time and a lot of inner work to let that go....

Posted by: Betty Alexander at June 6, 2004 11:45 PM

Thanks for passing along your reactions here. I'll admit that the Oxford comments have made me uncomfortable, mostly because I don't really know what happened in their marriage and therefore feel that I can't come to any definitive conclusions about it. That's why I wanted to present this alternative version of the "Political Party" events. I didn't witness his comments at Dad's Garage, so that changes/limits my perception of him considerably....

Posted by: chuck at June 7, 2004 1:27 AM

Leigh Baier Does not Seek the Endorsement of the Christian Coalition

Leigh Baier a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Zell Miller does not seek the endorsement of the Christian Coalition.

Leigh Baier considers himself a serious Christian who does not seek the endorsement of the Christian Coalition. “The Christian Coalition does not speak for the majority of Christians and does not speak for me!” Baier opposes many of the political positions of the Christian Coalition because they violate the underlying principals upon which democracy in the United States is founded. The Constitution is based upon the principals of equal protection under the law, religious freedom for all, and the separation of church and state. “I oppose the views of the Christian coalition to the extent that they deny all citizens equal protection under the law, fail to respect the rights of all our citizens to religious freedom, and attempt to violate the separation of church and state by the creation of a de facto Christian theocracy.

© copyrighted 2004
maybe re-printed in its entirety only

Equal Protection Under The Law Matters
Religious Freedom Matters
Separation of Church and State Matters

Posted by: Leigh Baier at June 7, 2004 11:12 AM

I just stumbled across this website. Its great to see so many people actively involved and discussing each candidate. If its ok with everyone, I would like to throw my 2 cents (or more) regarding this race.
After careful consideration and research, I decided to volunteer with Senator Mary Squires. Personally, I dont like what Maggette has done in the 4th, and also her decision to leave the U.S House.
Cliff Oxford is a wife beater-there has to be SOME truth to the AJC article and thinks he can "buy" this race.
Squires is a wonderful candidate that works hard on a daily basis to meet every potential voter out there, and get a small trickle of money along the way. She is in the race for all the right reason-unlike the other two candidates mentioned above. Nothing against Mr. Baier or Mr. Finklestein-both of you are wonderful people that I respect greatly. But Mary Squires is the ONLY candidate that can set herself apart from the republican of choice. I encourage everyone that reads this to do their part-find a candidate they support and volunteer or donate money-OR BOTH!
This is going to be a fun ride folks. Im very excited to be a part of it all!


Posted by: gsu2004 at June 11, 2004 5:01 PM

One more thing-I WAS at the event at Dad's Garage and witnessed the guy in the back and the question he asked. I was sitting across the aile from him. It was a legit question that many people in the audience wanted answered. Oxfords reaction to the question was HORRIBLE. He attacked the gentleman for about 5 minutes-pointing his finger at him and attacking his character. People in the audience were screaming, "Answer his question!" He did not make a very good impression. I felt sorry for the guy that asked the question, but am very happy he had the gonads to ask it. In fact, about three people came up to the guy and thanked him for doing it. People actually got up and came over to him to thank him. The talk after it all ended was interesting as well. A couple people joked that they thought Oxford was gonna beat his ass! I dont think one person left that theatre wanting to learn anything else about Oxford.

Posted by: gsu2004 at June 11, 2004 5:06 PM

I've heard more than one person confirm this account of the question at CL's Political Party. Makes the CL reading of things seem sloppy at best, misleading at worst (especially their attempts to discredit Brandon, the guy who asked the question).

I'm trying to tread very carefully here because I think that Oxford would be better than the Republican candidates. Glad to hear that you're enthusiastic about Squires.

Posted by: chuck at June 11, 2004 5:39 PM

By the way, just out of curiosity: how did you happen across my blog?

Posted by: chuck at June 11, 2004 5:41 PM

For the record, I am not supporting Cliff Oxford; however, it's not because of the domestic violence, but because of the issues.

And I think supporters of other Democratic candidates would better serve the Democratic cause by saying, "Vote for candidate X because of this, that and the other" instead of saying, "Don't vote for Oxford, he's a wife-beater."

We should be attacking the Republicans, not each other.

Posted by: Jen at June 11, 2004 8:01 PM

Jen, you're right. I've considered closing down comments on this entry, and after the primary, I almost certainly will (if I don't close them down sooner). I've felt for some time that the attacks on Oxford here weren't terribly productive because they are not addressing the issues. My hope with this entry was to find space for talking about the candidates' political positions, and that hasn't really worked.

Posted by: chuck at June 12, 2004 11:55 AM

i apologize for being reactionary - i had just heard the news...it's cool of jen to bring it up though weeks later....

Posted by: shan at June 12, 2004 10:35 PM

No problem. My reaction to Jen's comment probably has more to do with my own awareness of the public nature of this blog, something I've been more self-conscious about ever since the AJC linked to me. Of course, the best I can tell, I've only had about 30 visits or so via the AJC in over a week...

Posted by: chuck at June 13, 2004 11:30 AM

Hey chuck....I stumbled across this website while doing research of candidates(google search). Before deciding to support Mary Squires, I researched as much as possible all if the candidates involved in the race-also meeting as many as possible in person. I enjoy the conversations and post started here-they are always well thought out. I respect and enjoy that.
In regards to the US Senate race....
I have been going to so many things recently. I find it facinating that senator squires has gone from obscurity to front runner in a very short amount of time. The staff must be doing some things right! Did anyone see the recent article in the AJC by Jim Wooten? Talking about the fact that she is really the only candidate that can win this thing...If I can find a link I will send it your way.
So many people have said that they will vote for her, but dont think she can win. Hell, if everyone that says that does in deed vote for her, there is a chance there will not be a runoff! She has gained so much support via the press and blogs lately. It really makes me happy because she would do so many good things for Georgia and the people in Georgia.
Its obvious she will not back down from a fight and she does what she thinks is best. Thats why she didnt "ask" for permission to run for US Senate. I like that...

Posted by: gsu2004 at June 22, 2004 1:25 PM

Also, has anyone noticed that NONE of the candidates for Senate besides Squires actually has anything to say? They point out the obvious problems and say they are going to fix them. How! I want to know your PLAN OF ACTION. We small people in Georgia already know what is causing us problems. We arent stupid, please dont treat us as such. I cant listen to or vote for anyone that cannot tell me how they plan on creating more jobs, bringing an end to the war in Iraq and solving the healthcare crisis. Literall, when a stump speech starts I tune everything out. I dont want a rags to riches story or a story about your family. That doesnt affect me and as far as Im concerned-neither Oxford nor Majette have had to worry about the tough choices we Georgians face; paying the electric bill or putting food on the table. I understand they are trying to relate to the "average" Georgian, but dont feed me this BS.
Again, that is why I support Sen. Squires. Im sorry to soud like a broken record, but she is REAL. Any comments?

Posted by: gsy2004 at June 22, 2004 1:31 PM

Leigh Baier
Campaign for
United States Senate
Press Release
July 3, 2004

Leigh Baier and Debbie Lynah Marry

Tel: (770) 432-2995

Leigh Baier, Democratic candidate for the United States Senate married Debbie Lynah at PoloBear Farms in Vinings, Georgia. The wedding was attended by 34 family members and close friends including a number of local, state and national political leaders. The wedding was scheduled to assure that Leigh’s daughter, Noble and Debbie’s daughter Marie would be present. Marie is currently serving in the United States Air Force and Noble just returned from a year service in Iraq as a development analyst for the United States. Noble returned to Iraq in November to complete her job and gave birth to her daughter, Alex while in Baghdad. In the first four months of her life Alex has been in Iraq, Jordan, Greece, Honduras, and the United States.

Prior to the evening wedding Leigh Rode a horse in the Marietta parade following the “Baier for Senate” float which carried family friends, supporters, and a miniature donkey.

Posted by: Leigh Baier at July 6, 2004 8:13 AM

I've been watching this race very closely - and it is clearly coming down to a three way race between Squires, Majette and Oxford. But Oxford's been losing a lot of blood lately, and he didn't have a lot to begin with. The wife-beating charges are true - both of his ex-wifes are easy to reach and have been vocal. You should ask them directly. Seriously - the U.S. Senate race is too important to NOT ASK. Majette is too inexperienced, jumped in to late, abandoned her constituents, has had to give back $50,000 to donors who DEMANDED a refund from her - have you ever even heard of that before??? -- and many, many more donors have demanded their money back because of her unannounced, unthought-out, selfish jump into this race, and they're being stiffed.
Squires offers the only solid, clean campaign - no skeletons (has anyone seen the reports about how little time Majette spent on the bench lately?? Too many afternoons out shopping on taxpayer's dimes!) - a strong military record - a great jobs creation plan - the only one to conduct a grassroots campaign and truly reach out to rural Georgia. Please visit www.marysquires.us, and consider coming to her Poll Watching Party Tuesday, July 20th at 5 Seasons Restaurant on Roswell Road and I-285 in The Prado Shopping Center. For more information, call 770-925-4497.

Johnette Josie

Posted by: Johnette Josie at July 17, 2004 2:58 PM

I completely agree with you. Oxford scares the hell out of me. I confronted him in person at one of his rare campaign events about how he thought someone who physically abused all of the women in his life could justify running for our highest office, and you should have SEEN his reaction. He has some serious anger management issues. He thought I was some kind of "Republican plant." Hey - buddy - I've got news for you. I'm a Democratic female voter - and you DON'T represent my best interests. I'll be voting for Mary Squires.

Posted by: Samantha Birdson at July 17, 2004 4:09 PM

For your information:

There is very strong evidence that Mike Bowers, Georgia’s ex-State Attorney General, has used undo influence with the Georgia State Bar and the Judicial Qualifications Commissions to have grievances closed that would have otherwise called for criminal investigations into Gwinnett County Probate Judge Walter J. Clarke and 3 local Gwinnett County attorneys; Mike Smith, Doug Daum and Robert Hughes.

Bowers discretely chose to take this action of retaliation due to a September 29, 2003 letter that was sent to Governor Perdue advising of obstruction of justice within the Gwinnett County DA’s office involving a judge and 3 local attorneys. The Gwinnett County Chief Deputy DA, Tom Davis, who is a friend of Bowers, was aware of an upcoming vacancy for a state court judgeship (Judge David Fuller 5/03 DUI arrest). In a June 2003 press release, Governor Perdue appointed Mike Bowers to chair the Judicial Nominating Commission. August 18, 2003, Danny Porter, the Gwinnett County DA sent a letter to Mike Bowers nominating Tom Davis for the state court judgeship. Tom Davis and Danny Porter were not going to investigate a judge when Davis wanted to be appointed to a judgeship. This was Davis’s third (3rd) attempt for such a position. This portion of the evidence was retrieved by means of Georgia Open Records.

Mike Bowers also arranged for a Roswell Judge, Robert Cochran, to commit extortion during a 12-3-03 pre trial hearing by telling me that if I did not drop ALL charges in Gwinnett County that I would immediately go to jail for attaining a credit report that disclosed information about one of the many crimes. A judge would not commit to such a crime if he did not know in advance that he would be protected legally (State Bar) and professionally (JQC). I was denied counsel in that pre trial hearing by Judge Robert Cochran. Opposing side was allowed counsel. Six months later after speaking with an attorney, I confronted Judge Cochran in a phone conversation regarding his acts of extortion in the hearing. Judge Cochran nervously stated, “They told him not to speak with me and if this gets out, it will be bigger than all of us”. Judge Cochran then hung up the phone.

The “proper authorities” (state & federal) and Georgia’s legal system do not want this information exposed to the public for obvious reasons. The media is concerned about liability. In some situations, “no defense” is the best defense of all resulting in the accuser (me) appearing to receive no credibility. I am trying to get these documented facts out to the people of this state and especially the business community considering that Mike Bowers is in private practice and represents some very large companies. With overwhelming and provable evidence of Mike Bowers’s influence within Georgia’s legal and judicial system at his own discretion, I would expect Georgia’s citizens, business owners, stock holders, etc. would have a great concern with this information.

Note: After viewing the evidence on Gwinnett County Probate judge, Judge Walter J. Clarke and the 3 Gwinnett County attorneys; Mike Smith, Doug Daum & Robert Hughes, Governor Sonny Perdue responded in an October 14, 2003 letter by stating that my going to the State Bar and the Judicial Qualifications Commission was the “APPROPRIATE ” thing to do. Tom Davis did not make the judgeship. One year later, after Governor Perdue was made aware of Mike Bowers’s involvement, Governor Perdue simply looked the other way.

The evidence easily and clearly speaks for itself.

Carol Cole

Posted by: Carol Cole at August 25, 2005 7:12 PM


Great political blog from behind enemy lines in North Georgia. This guy rips them a new one.

Posted by: Jake Regis at October 20, 2005 8:34 PM

Recently, I stumbled across a posting by Carol Cole to ths weblog. Please be assured that I and the majority of the legal profession are the largest defenders of free speech. However, I and the other "accused" to my knowledge are concerned about our reputations and do not like or tolerate being accused of criminal activity when we are simply doing our jobs.
Please understand that Ms. Cole is under the delusion that I conspired with her brother to unduly influence her mother in drafting a very simple will, treating she and her siblings equally. She then has accused me of acting with her brother to kill her mother. Her mother died in the Hospital of emphysema and complications after being ill for some time. At the time of her death I was at least twenty five miles away from the Hospital. Ms. Cole was unsuccesful in caveating the will (contesting the will) and then proceeded to attack every attorney or judge involved in the proceeding, including the attorney who dilligently represented her interests. During her "investigation" she invaded
a credit file of another party, by her own admission, which is a felony in Georgia. Judge
Cochran did not extort from her anything, only requesting that she cease the vendetta instead of his binding the case over. He gave her opportunity to obtain counsel.
Her actions have cost me and the others accused by her thousands of dollars in time and costs.
As far as any involvement on the part of Michael Bowers, I doubt that Mr. Bowers would even know my name. I believe we may have met ten plus years ago, once. I do not think he would be going to bat for me. I am hardly politically connected, by choice.
I would respectfully point out that posting these "loose cannon" accusations of criminal activity are likely actionable. Unfortunately, when you practice law for twenty eight years as I have, sometimes people make wild accusations against you. However, I feel compelled to request that you remove these baseless and frankly defamatory rantings from your weblog.
Doug Daum

Posted by: Douglas Daum at November 10, 2005 3:24 PM

Carol Cole's rebuttal to Doug Daum's 11/10/05 blog:

Attorney Terry Lloyd, who was Mike Bowers chief prosecutor during Bowers' reign as AG, informed me of the fraud you placed in my mother's will. Your pal and my probate attorney, Robert Hughes, kept this information from me. As you know there is testimony showing how you advised my half brother (convicted felon x 2) on how to take all the money out of mother's checking account two days before her "untimely" death. This stolen money was given to Mike Smith to probate the fraudulent will. Mike Smith could accomplish this due to his close relationship to Judge Walter J. Clarke. Emphysema was not one of the causes of death listed on the death certificate. The hospital didn't know the cause of death due to no autopsy. However, mother did show many signs of antifreeze poisoning. As I am sure you know, small doses of antifreeze can aggravate existing systoms such as emphysema and cause asthma like conditions. My case is very similar to the "Lynn Turner" case. The only exception is the involvement of three attorneys and a judge. I am outraged at Tom Davis,the former Gwinnett County Chief Deputy DA for obstructing the investigation due to his own ambition for a state court judgeship. Davis was not going to prosecute a judge when he wanted to be appointed to a judgeship. I am outraged at Danny Porter, the Gwinnett County DA, for closing my case in retailiation for the letter/evidence I sent to Governor Perdue advising of Tom Davis's obstruction of an investigation. It was Danny Porter who nominated Davis for the judgeship. I am outraged at the Judicial Qualification Commission and the Georgia State Bar for allowing Mike Bowers to use undue influence to have all of my grievances closed in retaliation for the letter I sent to Governor Perdue resulting in Mike Bowers's friend, Tom Davis, not being appointed to the State Court judgeship. I am outraged at FBI Agent Gregory Jones for refusing to meet with me to go over the evidence I sent him. Agent Jones' letter did not address one piece of evidence. I am outraged that after learning in July 2004 of Mike Bowers involvement with the State Bar and the JQC, Governor Perdue created a Superior Court Judgeship position and appointed Tom Davis. Govenor Perdue appointed Davis after I sent him another "certified" letter/evidence reminding him of Davis' obstructing an investigation in 2003.
I found it strange that I never received the sign receipt showing who signed for the letter. However, I did get the signature after I had the U S Post Office do an investigation. Amazingly, Govenor Perdue knowingly appointed a man who obstructed a criminal investigation due to his own ambition for a judgeship. I suppose this was an attempt to defuse my previous allegations of why Davis was not appointed in 2003, therefore making no connection with Mike Bowers, the JQC,and the State Bar. Mr. Daum, if there had not been a vacancy for the State Court judgeship in 2003, you would be sitting in a jail cell. Count your blessings.

Carol Cole

Posted by: Carol Cole at February 24, 2006 11:08 AM

I recently saw a news report showing FBI’s Special Agent in Charge, Gregory Jones, speaking of a new FBI web site that is asking citizens for tips on public corruption. I must admit that I was amazed at the hypocrisy.

In September 2004, I mailed FBI agent Steve Farr hard evidence of public corruption that originated in the Gwinnett County DA’s office. I also provided Agent Farr hard evidence of public corruption within Georgia’s State Bar and Judicial Qualifications Commission.

In the follow up phone conversation, agent Steve Farr refused to discuss the evidence, told me to never call him again and then hung up on me.

I then wrote a letter to Special Agent in Charge, Gregory Jones. I provided him with the same evidence showing obstruction of justice at a local and state level. My letter told Agent Jones of my phone conversation with agent Steve Farr.

Days later I reached Special Agent Gregory Jones by phone. He also refused to discuss the evidence. He refused to meet with me to go over the evidence. He stated the FBI would not investigate. He stated he would send me a letter explaining why the FBI would not investigate. He never mentioned the bizarre phone conversation between me and agent Steve Farr or his rude behavior.

Agent Jones’s September 22, 2004 letter states, “You have provided no credible information to indicate any federal criminal violation within the FBI’s investigative jurisdiction other than your perception that a criminal conspiracy must exist. Based upon the impartial review of the FBI Atlanta Division Counsel, no additional action will be taken by our office”. Agent Jones did not return my evidence after my request to do so.

I found Agent Jones’s letter to be unacceptable due to the fact that he did not address any of my three allegations and completely ignored all of the evidence. I immediately called other FBI offices in different states. Each agent quickly told me that I was describing public corruption and obstruction of justice. I was told that public corruption was one of the main crimes the FBI investigates.

It is a spine chilling discovery to learn that agents who work for federal investigative agencies and who have a sworn duty to maintain honest and faithful public trust are making undermining decisions that can certainly have a profound effect in people’s lives and trust in our government

If Special Agent in Charge, Gregory Jones, is serious about receiving tips on alleged public corruption, I would suggest that he go to the backroom of the FBI and brush away the dust from my evidence that he refused to address, refused to investigate and refused to return to me in September 2004. As I am sure he knows, he will find hard evidence of an unbelievable conspiracy of obstruction of justice involving law enforcement, elected and appointed officials, judges, employees with the State Bar and the JQC, and others.

The local FBI would do the citizens of this state a great service by exposing all of the names and the involvement of these high level officials before citizens cast their votes on Election Day.

Carol Cole

Posted by: Carol Cole at June 1, 2006 11:03 PM

I have hard evidence of the biggest public corruption scandal in Georgia’s history. It involves many high level officials. It actually goes all the way to the Governor’s office and higher. It is a situation of Georgia’s GOOD OL BOY NETWORK covering for one other. The Federal government is happy to lend a hand because the GOP does not want to loose its foothold in this state. The FBI refuses to investigate and nobody in Washington will speak with me about my case. My case should concern every citizen because it involves public, appointed and elected officials abusing and causing harm to the integrity of Georgia’s legal and judicial system for their own selfish and corrupt needs. This is an election year and people need to know.
In November 2004, I contacted Atlanta attorney, Emmett Bondurant with the law firm of Bondurant, Mixson, & Elmore about taking my case in a civil matter. I told Mr. Bondurant about Mike Bowers, Georgia’s former Attorney General, discreetly using the State Bar and the Judicial Qualifications Commission as legal weapons against a whistleblower for trying to expose corruption that involved one of his friends, Tom Davis, the Gwinnett County Chief Deputy DA. Mr. Bondurant told me that HE COULD NOT REPRESENT ME DUE TO “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” BECAUSE MIKE BOWERS REFERS MANY CASES TO HIS LAW FIRM.
May 26, 2005, I mailed my evidence to Atlanta attorney Carranza Pryor with the law firm of Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan. Mr. Pryor is on the staff on COMMON CAUSE and was my contact person. After many requests, I was never allowed to meet with the Board of COMMON CAUSE to walk them through my evidence. Mr. Pryor would only call me on the weekends.
June 24, 2005, Carranza Pryor sent me a letter stating, “It is my assessment that this is a matter you should put aside, as difficult as I know that is for you”. Mr. Pryor’s letter did not mention any of my allegations, ignored all of the evidence and did not mention any names.
Afterwards, I discovered that attorney Emmett Bondurant is on the Board of Common Cause and is a former Chairman of the Board. A reporter with the Atlanta Journal Constitution confided in me that COMMON CAUSE was relating to the media that exposing this case WOULD NOT BE IN THE BEST INTERST OF THE STATE. I also learned that COMMON CAUSE was spreading the word that I was a crazy person and for no one to speak with me about this case. That explains why attorneys will not return my phone calls. You do not need an attorney or a law book to see the crimes. The evidence is clear.
This action taken my COMMON CAUSE has violated my civil rights. I now have no civil recourse that would expose the names of the high officials involved in this massive conspiracy of racketeering. This is truly the best kept secret in Georgia. I am asking that people contact the home office of COMMON CAUSE in Washington and demand an investigation into COMMON CAUSE of Georgia’s action taken with this case. The
phone number for the Washington office of COMMON CAUSE is 202-736-5740 or 202-736-5742. Making this phone call is in the BEST INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE.

Carol Cole

Posted by: Carol Cole at June 28, 2006 10:36 AM

Because this entry is over two years old and irrelevant to subsequent elections, I've decided to close the comments, in part because I am not in a position to verify or address any of the information posted here. If you feel the need to comment on any of the issues addressed here, I would encourage you to start your own blog where you can cultivate an audeince focused on Georgia politics.

Posted by: Chuck at July 25, 2006 1:27 PM