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November 2, 2003

Milk Plus

Just a quick "link and comment" to point out an interesting collectively-authored film review blog, Milk Plus. I came across it while doing a quick Google search on Chris Marker (I'm now polishing off my article on Sans Soleil, more details might be forthcoming), and I'm impressed by the range of interests and the depth of analysis. I'll definitely be going back when I have more time.

Posted by chuck at November 2, 2003 9:58 PM

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I came across your site while looking at our daily stats. Thanks for the kind words about Milk Plus, and I hope you visit often. I like your site also, and have added it to our list of blogs.

Posted by: Tim aka "Shroomy" at November 2, 2003 10:42 PM

Thanks for stopping by, and I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.

Posted by: chuck at November 3, 2003 12:42 AM

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