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October 17, 2003

AOIR Supply: Blogging Panels

Jason and Liz have blogging their experiences at AOIR, specifically their experiences at several panels on blogging. Liz discusses one panel on "Authors and Consequences," which offered a range of statistical analysis. Perhaps the most important point is the conclusion that "the blogs featured in public representations are not representative." I think Liz is absolutely right to be suspicious of their predictions about how blogging will be used in the future in the sense that blogging is still a nascent medium and will find a variety of uses, many of which I don't think we can yet imagine. Jason also attended this panel and commented that their attempts to break blogs down into subgenres seemed "counter-intuitive," given their status as a hybrid, boundary-blurring form.

Liz attended another blog panel that sounded incredibly stimulating (other than the fact that it was scheduled for 8:30 AM). The comparison between blogs and cities was particularly enticing and may help explain why bloggers sometimes group themselves according to geographic proximity (citywide webrings, etc). Too many questions to handle right now, but the discussions here sound really promising.

Update: I'm guessing that KF attended some of these panels, too.

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