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August 20, 2003

Another Baghdad Blogger

I just learned that Salam Pax's friend, Riverbend, a frequent guest blogger on "Dear Raed," now has a blog. Pretty cool. She has a very strong critical voice, and it's very interesting to read her in conjunction with S.P. and other voices that are emerging from Iraq. She's very critical, for example, of Paul Bremer's attempt to spin the terrorist attack on the UN Headquarters. For a much different interprtation check out Chris Allbritton's reading. His observations about the new tactics of focusing on "soft targets" is scary indeed:

Instead of directly attacking American troops, who will almost always outgun the guerillas, attacks on infrastructures such as pipelines, water mains and other soft facilities like the U.N. headquarters will force the Americans to respond and tie them down, shifting the troops into a defensive posture. This will mean a loss of initiative and a degradation of offensive capabilities.

Thus, the U.S. faces a difficult choice. Stratfor says that if the U.S. brings in reinforcements from an already over-stretched military, that will degrade its capabilities around the world, opening up new opportunities for Al Qa’ida. The terror group is effectively a liquid, filling in holes and gaps as they appear. On the other hand, if the U.S. stands its ground in Iraq and maintains its current strength, it’s stuck with the status quo, which is obviously untenable. Iraqis and Americans will die in attrition attacks and what good that might have come from the toppling of Saddam Hussein will be undone.

Posted by chuck at August 20, 2003 9:35 PM

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