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August 1, 2003

And while this happened...

Another cool concept via Elouise and Jill: Tinka's investigation and undoing of the paratexts of blogging. Tinka has already toyed with the author's autobiography, but she also has dispensed with the date stamp on her entries. Her title for every entry (at least on the front page), "And while this happened, another thing ocurred," calls attention to the afterimage effect I was trying to think about the other day, that separate entries imply an artificial separation between ideas, when, in fact, our experiences, our thinking is never truly that discrete. I think that's where my discomfort with that kind of "segmentation" arises.

In other news, George is coming to town. Cool!

Update: Hmmm...the title of each entry in Tinka's blog seems to have changed.

Posted by chuck at August 1, 2003 1:30 PM

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