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July 8, 2003

Forum on Independent Media

FYI Atlanta readers: A follow-up event to the FCC town hall meeting is scheduled for July 15 from 7-10 PM at the Auburn Avenue Research Library. The event is also a celebration of community radio station WRFG's 30th anniversary. Full text of the announcement follows.

[By the way, the reason for the light (non)blogging the last few days: I've been fighting a cold (I finally won).]

Dear Atlantans Concerned About US and Atlanta Media:

On July 15, 2003 from 7-10 PM at the Auburn Avenue Research Library, we at WRFG will celebrate our 30th anniversary by holding a forum on media in Atlanta and the United States. (See the attached flier.) The July 15 event is a follow-up to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hearing, held in Atlanta on May 21, which brought together close to 600 concerned individuals, along with representatives from Atlanta's independent media and progressive organizations. We are heeding the call to respond to the concerns Atlantans expressed on May 21 about the dismal state of mainstream media in America and the threat of more monopolization after the FCC decision on June 2 to relax media ownership rules.

Loretta Ross, Director of the National Center for Human Rights Education, will moderate the event. Jeanette Forman, Professor at Clark Atlanta's Division of Communication Arts, will provide us with an update on the media from a national perspective...and then we will hear from you.... your concerns about the US and Atlanta mainstream media and what we in Atlanta plan to do about it. The evening's events will be filmed and recorded for broadcast on media outlets throughout the city.

Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black once said that the role of media is to "serve the governed not the government". Considering today's media it appears we have a long trek to reach that goal. Join us on July 15 from 7-10 PM and be a part of building a "people's media movement" of individuals, organizations and media outlets. Help decide where we go from here. The airwaves are publicly owned. They belong to us. The responsibility is ours! See you on the 15th.


Heather Gray, President
WRFG Board of Directors

Building a People's Media Movement - July 15th WRFG's 30th Anniversary

Posted by chuck at July 8, 2003 11:47 AM

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I was going to send you the info about this but you beat me to it. can I grab a ride from you if you go? sorry to hear about the cold. glad you beat it.

Posted by: doreen at July 9, 2003 6:20 PM

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